Exit Survey

A national market research firm is conducting a $125.00 PAID ONLINE BULLETIN BOARD on the topic of POLITICAL ELECTIONS.

This study is for MALES & FEMALES AGES 18-64 WHO VOTED IN THE 2016 ELECTIONS and are registered to vote in the following states: 




This study is being done on behalf of a MAJOR ELECTION STRATEGY FIRM, which is looking to obtain viewpoints and opinions from voters regarding a diverse set of political topics (the economy, jobs, healthcare, environment, education, foreign affairs, national security, etc)

Participants taking part in this online bulletin board will receive $125.00 for a 1.5-2 HOUR TOTAL TIME COMMITMENT. 

The $125.00 PAYMENT IS SENT 2 DAYS AFTER COMPLETING THE ONLINE STUDY via your choice of Paypal, VenMo, Google Wallet, Chase QuickPay, Amazon.com e-certificate or a mailed check.

The online bulletin board will be open from THIS COMING TUESDAY MAY 23rd until THIS THURSDAY MAY 25th. This online bulletin board for opinion purposes can be completed anywhere (home/school/work/etc) through A COMPUTER, IPHONE OR ANDROID SMARTPHONE device and will be taking place during a flexible time schedule, where you can log on anytime day or night for 30-45 minutes daily over the 3 consecutive days (1.5-2 HOURS TOTAL) to answer the opinion questions regarding political issues.

All opinions shared in the online bulletin board are for research purposes only, NO CONFIDENTIAL INFO WILL BE ASKED FOR, and all opinions shared will be through a secure, invitation-only private web portal.

If interested, please respond to the BRIEF 2-MINUTE SIGN-UP QUESTIONS and we will contact you promptly if you qualify.

**This study is strictly for product market research purposes only. Absolutely no sales involved, no confidential information will be requested whatsoever, you will never become part of a list, and the opinions provided will remain anonymous. **